Installation Guide

(For Google Pixel)

1  Download the EyeFly3D™ apps (EyeFly3D Pix and EyeFly3D Vid) from the Google Play Store.

2  Turn off your Night Light (if applicable) in your display settings.

(In Phone > Settings > Display > toggle the Night Light option to 'Off')

3  Launch either the EyeFly3D Vid or the EyeFly3D Pix app and the installation page should pop up. Otherwise, go to  (Settings > Installation) in the app.

4  Remove any existing screen protector and phone case from your phone. Clean the screen and remove dust particles with the cleaning kit provided.

 Remove the protective film from the back of the EyeFly3D™ screen protector. ​ 

Apply the EyeFly3D™ screen protector to the phone.

7  After applying the EyeFly3D™ screen protector, give yourself approximately 30cm (12 inches) between yourself and the screen. Toggle the (+) and (-) buttons to achieve parallel lines (as shown in the figure below):

8  Once configuration is complete, exit the installation page by clicking 'x'. Now you are ready to experience amazing 3D videos and photos with the EyeFly3D™!


EyeFly3D App Tutorial:

Parallel Lines.PNG