EyeFly3D iPhone X,XS GLASS

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EyeFly3D X,XS.jpg
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Installation Guide

1  Download EyeFly3D apps (EyeFly3D Pix and EyeFly3D Vid) from the App Store

2  For iPhone 6 and above: Set your Display View to 'Standard'. (In Phone > Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View > Standard)

3  Launch EyeFly3D Vid / EyeFly3D Pix App and stay on/get onto the Installation Page (In App > Settings > Installation)

4  Remove any existing screen protector and phone case from your phone. Clean the screen and remove dust particles with the cleaning kit provided

5  Remove the sticker on the provided jig and place the phone snugly against the edge of the jig 

6  Your EyeFly3D Screen Protector comes with an alignment Sticker Flap with 3 punched holes. Insert the Sticker Flap's 3 punched holes onto the 3 raised pegs on the provided Jig


7  Remove the Back Protective Film of the EyeFly3D Screen protector

8  Apply the EyeFly3D Screen Protector to the phone

9  After applying the EyeFly3D Screen Protector, toggle the (+) and (-) buttons to achieve parallel lines (as shown in Fig 3A):

Installation Fig 3A.png

  Give yourself approximately 30cm (12 inches) between yourself and the screen to see the parallel lines


10  On the EyeFly3D App Installation Page, exit the Installation Page by pressing ‘x’ and press ‘Back’ to start/continue your EyeFly3D Experience on EyeFly3D Vid and EyeFly3D Pix Apps!

EyeFly3D App Tutorial: