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Installation Guide

(For iPhone)

1  Download the EyeFly3D™ apps (EyeFly3D Pro) from the App Store.

2  For iPhone 6 and above,  set your display view to 'Standard'.

(In Phone > Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View > Standard)

3  Launch EyeFly3D Pro. The installation page should pop up. Otherwise, go to  (Settings > Installation) in the app.

4  Remove any existing screen protector and phone case from your phone. Clean the screen and remove dust particles with the cleaning kit provided.

5  Remove the sticker on the provided jig and place the phone snugly against the edge of the jig.​

6  Your EyeFly3D™ screen protector comes with an alignment sticker flap with 3 punched holes. Insert the sticker flap's 3 punched holes onto the 3 raised pegs on the provided jig.

7  Remove the back protective film of the EyeFly3D™ screen protector.

8  Apply the EyeFly3D™ screen protector to the phone.

9  After applying the EyeFly3D™ screen protector, give yourself approximately 30cm (12 inches) between yourself and the screen. Toggle the (+) and (-) buttons to achieve parallel lines (as shown in the figure below):

Parallel Lines.PNG

10  Once configuration is complete, exit the installation page by clicking ‘x’. Now you’re ready to experience amazing 3D videos and photos with the EyeFly3D™!

EyeFly3D App Tutorial

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