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The New Way Of Experiencing Cosplay



Cos3D is our photo and video app that has a number of features such as 2D to 3D conversion, taking 3D photos and videos, creating AR holographic stickers and connects you to video streaming (side-by-side 3D content and 2D content).


Our engineers have specially developed this Cos3D app that enables all Cosplay and Anime fans, like you, to convert your favourite Cosplay and Anime assets, photos and videos from mundane 2D to holographic ultra-immersive 3D. You can play any of your favourite Anime videos and our Cos3D app will convert in realtime, a holographic 3D experience. We have also incorporated AR holographic stickers for you so that you can create and customise your favourite Cosplayer or Anime character next to you in your 3D photos.


EyeFly3D™ is our screen protector with an award-winning display technology, that is currently available for Apple iPhones, tablets and Google Pixel 3 phones.


Wait no more! Start taking control of your 3D experience by using our Cos3D app together with our EyeFly3D™ screen protector.

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