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© 2019 EyeFly3D™. All Rights Reserved. EyeFly3D™ is the brand and product of Nanoveu Pty Ltd

Reinventing Viewing Experience

About EyeFly3D™

EyeFly3D™ is the world's first award-winning glasses-free 3D screen protector that delivers distortion-free 2D/3D videos and photos on your mobile devices.

We know how much 3D content is available and so we wanted to take things a step further and let you be in control of your 3D experience. Our apps enable you to easily turn your 2D photos and videos into 3D. This is our game changer.

Our team of Singapore based scientists and researchers have taken the most complex information and simplified it to a screen protector and app. That's all it takes to bring immersive 3D to your mobile devices.

This is a breakthrough in 3D technology. Get on board and start viewing your life in 3D.

Let your imagination come to life


“To see it is to believe it. It's almost like magic, to know that I can now watch everything in 3D, without the need of 3D glasses.” 

Atlanta Journal

iPhone 11 Series

Available for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max



iPhone X Series

Available for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and XR



Google Pixel 3 Models

Available for Google Pixel 3,

3 XL, 3a and 3a XL



Our EyeFly3D™ is a premium-quality screen protector, so you watch videos worry-free.

Curved edge*




Smooth to touch

9H tempered glass*

High transparency*

Excellent optical properties*

All our customers also get limited-lifetime warranty

*subject to model

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